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7 Reasons Back Pain Could Cripple You!

(and how to prevent it) 

Do any of these things sound like the might keep you down?

  • Nerve Damage
  • Loss of Muscle
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Digestive Problems
  • Fatigue


These are just some of the things that may result from severe back pain.

Have you been to your doctors with any of these issues and nothing seems help even after trying everything they recommend for you?

Do you feel just lost and hopeless sometimes because there do not seem to be any explanations for your symptoms, let alone a way to fix the problem?

Let me first tell you I have felt your pain, literally. I have personally been there.

If you have felt anything close to this, I would like to share some things with you that will change your life for the better!


 Are there times when simple daily routine stuff like getting dressed, preparing meals and driving to work are exhausting or even just too difficult due to the pain?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and forgotten what it is like to wake up without pain? I know I have!

Some days may be better than others, but it is easy to get frustrated too because friends, family and co-workers can’t really “see” or understand your pain.

Can you even get into a comfortable position to sleep at night? How many hours of sleep are you getting?

This type of exhausting pain will absolutely wear on you and when combined with a lack of quality rest will start creating serious fatigue issues.


All of this kind of stuff will most certainly add stress to your life. Maybe you have even caught yourself saying these kinds of things:


  • Why is my foot numb?
  • What is Sciatica?
  • I hate that my spouse has to help me get dressed!
  • How come Physical Therapy is not helping me?
  • My Doctor says it might be a disc problem.
  • It breaks my heart that I can't play with my kids.
  • I am tired of taking all of these drugs!
  • There is no way to enjoy life feeling like this!
  • I DO NOT want surgery!
  • Will I have to deal with this the rest of my life?


These are all very legitimate concerns. These could even be 10 signs that you need spinal decompression.

IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! It is just that no one has ever really taken the time to get to the bottom of your problem. As in, what is causing the problem to begin with!


So what are the other doctors missing?

The problem with a lot of doctors is that they are only trained to address your problems symptomatically and they don’t really understand how to look for the underlying cause of your symptoms.

These doctors are taught to surgically repair things and do not necessarily understand the relationship between structure and function.

Maybe you have left your doctors office before feeling a bit underwhelmed as though there was not much effort into really evaluating your condition.

Perhaps if the doctor did offer you some help it was in the form of some type of medication for either inflammation, relaxing the muscles, or killing the pain.

One absolute truth that I will share with you is that masking pain and symptoms with medication does not actually do anything to correct the problem.


Has anyone ever taken time to evaluate your structure and how your entire musculo-skeletal system is functioning and problems with this could relate to your condition?

There is a direct relationship between structure and function. If there is a breakdown in your structure, this will definitely have an effect on your function, if not immediately, then certainly over time.

Another thing that is often overlooked is that in many cases there is more than just one thing contributing to your condition.

Personally I like to be as thorough as possible in understanding all of these as I try to design a specific strategy to eliminate your pain or problem.

Some of this is starting to make sense right…

Have you ever heard the expression, “When the only tool in your box is a hammer, then all problems start to look like nails?”

In other words, if your only available options to offer treatment are either surgery or drugs, then these seem to be the only solutions offered to try and solve your problem.

My philosophy is that the more tools you have in your box, the more people you are able to serve in helping find these strategies to eliminating their pain.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

How would your life be if you get a full night of good sleep and actually wake up without any pain? What would your kids say when you are finally able to go and play with them?

If you could participate in normal daily life without agonizing over how difficult is going to be to just get through the day, what would that feel like?

Do you think you might feel less fatigued and have lots more energy if your severe pain was a thing of the past?

You really can regain that level of health again!


Ed's Story


At the time Ed was in his late 30’s and had a 2 year-old son. Ed was an avid down hill skier, surfer, and really enjoyed riding and jumping his dirt bike. One morning he woke up and literally went to put on his pants and as he bent over he was not able to stand back up, let alone walk down stairs or play with his son. Ed is British and an international photographer for high end print media, and like a lot of non-western folks, when traditional medicine was not helping resolve his severe pain, he started to seek alternative solutions.

After a thorough workup and with a treatment plan in place we went at it in such a way as to correct the underlying reason he was having this issue to begin with. Suffice it to say that within 3 months, not only was he out of pain completely, he was also back to skiing, surfing, riding his dirt bike full speed, playing with his son again, and traveling the world again as his career demands. Ed still occasionally comes in for a check up to make sure all systems are go, but still has no more issues with his original problem.










And then there is the personal perspective…

I am not just sharing all of this with you because I see this and help people like you every day, but because I have personally been in your shoes.

As a high level athlete most of my life I can definitely say that I have had my share of significant injuries and a lot of wear and tear on my body.

Matter of fact, as a full scholarship gymnast at the University of Georgia, I had to red-shirt (aka-sit out) my freshman year due to severe back pain.

When all of the top sports doctors and trainers could not solve my problem and help me salvage my collegiate career and my scholarship was now in jeopardy, I needed answers and solutions and I needed them NOW!

What all of these doctors and trainers were missing was how and where to look for the underlying cause of my pain. Finally I was sent to the kind of doctor that did!

With the right diagnosis and plan of action to correct my problem, I was not only able to keep my scholarship, but was also able to resume competing and had a very successful athletic career after that.  

That is when I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and that was to help people find REAL strategies and solutions to their back pain.

This is a TEAM approach

Now, even though I have seen enough times what other doctors miss, there are some things that a patient needs to understand as well.

Health and Healing are not one-way streets!

What do I mean by that? I mean that unlike your car when it is broken, you can’t just drop off your body at my office and expect me to fix it and give it back to you.

In other words, I am going to need your help and participation as we work together to get you on the right track!

To do this I use a unique blend of chiropractic, non-surgical spinal decompression, nutrition, weight loss, sleep wellness, neuro-feedback therapy, exercise physiology and rehabilitative techniques to individually customize a strategy to eliminate your pain.

Then we chart a course for us to work together at achieving this goal!

Are YOU ready to eliminate the source of your pain?

This process can begin when we start working together at solving your particular condition. I know that I can help get to the bottom of why you have the issues that you do, and help you regain the life you have lost.

If you are serious about fixing these things then you MUST be:

My career has been dedicated to helping professionals eliminate severe pain and regain their health!



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