Sonja Brady discovered from an MRI that her sciatic pain was being caused by a bulging disc. The pain was not yet debilitating.

“On a scale of one to ten, I would say my pain level was probably at a four,” Brady recalled. “I decided that I could not wait to do something about it until I was in a surgery situation. Dr. Cook recommended non-surgical spinal decompression. Now my pain is at a zero.”

Brady said she went for 18 treatments in a row and now she visits Dr. Cook once a month.

“His entire staff is great. I can say he really cares about his patients and wants to help all of them as much as he possibly can.”

Ken Sherman, a 64-year- old retired high school principal, said non-surgical spinal decompression – combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet – has allowed him to continue to return to an active lifestyle.

“I was an active athlete for much of my life,” Sherman said. “I slacked off and gained a lot of weight, but I am now doing more than I have ever done.”

Sherman said he has a protruding disc, and while it causes him “a fair degree of foot numbness” he is still able to bike 7,000 miles a year.

“I am able to perform at a level that lots of folks even much younger than I cannot, and I do it without pain,” Sherman said. “Dr. Cook has provided amazing, life-altering support for me.”

In October of last year, Cindy Young was injured.

“I had no idea what was wrong with me,” she recalled. “I discovered that I had two pinched nerves. I was at a point where I couldn’t even hardly walk or dress myself or do anything. I couldn’t even sleep at night I was in so much pain.

“Dr. Cook put me on the (non-surgical spinal decompression) machine for 15 minutes, and I felt so much better I couldn’t even tell you. I went there to his office basically every day and would be on the machine for about 30 minutes each day. In three months, I was almost back to completely normal. All I know is that I couldn’t believe how well it worked.” Young said she was one of those patients Dr. Cook had a “frank conversation” with.

“Dr. Cook said that we could try the non-surgical spinal decompression, but he didn’t want to give me false hope,” Young remembered. “And like I said, he put me on the machine for a 15-minute trial, and I could tell the difference. I was able to stand up, and some of the pain was gone.

“I tell people all the time what a difference Dr. Cook made in my life.”

I Felt Better Physically and Emotionally Than I Have In Years

“Dr. Schrock was everything I need at this time. I couldn’t sit still or focus to study for boards. I had anxiety because the pain was causing me to lose my focus. After years of preparation for boards, I know I needed help. After 1 visit, I was able to sit pain free and focus for my board exam, and after 3 visits, I felt better physically and emotionally than I have in years."

- Shrija D.

Top Notch

"Ken is a top notch guy who puts his clients first. He genuinely cares for the health and well-being of his clients and never hesitates to take on a client in pain even at the expense of his own personal time. As a patient, I could always depend on Ken to take the time to see me even though his schedule was full or even when he was already done for the day. In American health care, there is process care and then there is personal care. Ken provides a high level of personal service as part of his practice that is exemplary among today’s health care service providers."

- Charlie Moore, General Counsel at Advanced Education Systems

Great Results

"Ken is passionate about providing excellent chiropractic care! His knowledge of the field and his techniques are excellent. Not only did I experience great results, Ken took the time to educate me on overall health. I highly recommend Ken!"

- Michelle deBrabant Lee, C.P.C., Owner, DDS Staffing Resources, Inc.

Very Personable

"Ken is an excellent Chiropractor who worked with me for many years and provided quality service. He places a great deal of attention on meeting the needs of his patients by effectively identifying the pain and spending the right amount of time explaining healing options and treating the symptoms. Ken is very personable as well, probably his strongest trait. I felt very comfortable being treated by him and enjoy calling him a friend."

- Dan Joao

Terrific Chiropractor

"Dr. Cook is a wonderful guy, a caring practitioner, and a terrific chiropractor that honestly cares about his patient's well-being. I give Dr. Cook my highest recommendation."

- Jimmy Hurt, Partner, Lewis, Stolz, Hurt, Frierson & Grayson, LLP

Best Adjuster

"As a long distance cyclist I have worked with a chiropractor to reduce lower back pain and optimize performance for many years. Dr. Ken Cook is by far the best adjuster of any I have ever used. My youngest daughter is a top 10 competitive gymnast and he regularly takes care of her to insure she is in top competitive form. As a former UGA Gymnast Dr. Cook is also able to coach her on better form and body mechanics enabling her to increase performance and reduce injuries while she competes. To put it mildly I highly recommend Dr. Ken Cook!"

- Bob Googe, Owner of Jittery Joe's


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