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Sonja Brady

Sonja discovered from an MRI that her sciatic pain was being caused by a bulging disc. The pain was not yet debilitating. “On a scale of one to ten, I would say my pain level was probably at a four,” Brady recalled. “I decided that I could not wait to do something about it until I was in a surgery situation. Dr. Cook recommended non-surgical spinal decompression. Now my pain is at a zero.” Brady said she went for 18 treatments in a row and now she visits Dr. Cook once a month. “His entire staff is great. I can say he really cares about his patients and wants to help all of them as much as he possibly can.”

Ken Sherman

Ken is a 64-year- old retired high school principal, said non-surgical spinal decompression – combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet – has allowed him to continue to return to an active lifestyle. “I was an active athlete for much of my life,” Sherman said. “I slacked off and gained a lot of weight, but I am now doing more than I have ever done.” Sherman said he has a protruding disc, and while it causes him “a fair degree of foot numbness” he is still able to bike 7,000 miles a year. “I am able to perform at a level that lots of folks even much younger than I cannot, and I do it without pain,” Sherman said. “Dr. Cook has provided amazing, life-altering support for me.”

Evan Rose

"Dr. Joe Wheeler is a grade A+++ doctor!!! Within your first appointment you’re getting a movement screen, adjustment, and soft tissue rehab all in ONE VISIT! Even after you are still getting the adjustments and soft tissue work. ALSO, he provides you with workouts to help you get better!!! Joe is in this profession to help see his customers and help them grow and GET BETTER! He loves everyone of his patients, but he wants to see you less because that lets him know he’s doing his job right. The less you see him, the more he knows he’s doing his job correctly. I just see him more often than not because I love him😊 GO SEE HIM IF YOU HAVE NOT!!! You don’t know what you’re missing out on!"

Allie Margol

"I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments for almost 15 years from various doctors throughout that time. Dr. Kiefer is by far and wide, the best chiropractic I’ve ever been adjusted by. She has an incredible understanding of and feel for the body and tailors each of my appointments to my specific needs for that day. She works with my crazy graduate school schedule to ensure that I can be adjusted at least once a week. So so glad that I found her and this office! Would absolutely recommend."

Dallas Pettus

"We absolutely love Dr. Cook and Dr. Wheeler! They take such great care of my daughter and her athletic body. They are professional and so friendly. Always making you feel comfortable and at ease while helping relieve pain. Would recommend them to anyone!"

Michelle deBrabant Lee, C.P.C., Owner, DDS Staffing Resources, Inc.

"Ken is passionate about providing excellent chiropractic care! His knowledge of the field and his techniques are excellent. Not only did I experience great results, Ken took the time to educate me on overall health. I highly recommend Ken!"

Charlie Moore, General Counsel at Advanced Education Systems

"Ken is a top notch guy who puts his clients first. He genuinely cares for the health and well-being of his clients and never hesitates to take on a client in pain even at the expense of his own personal time. As a patient, I could always depend on Ken to take the time to see me even though his schedule was full or even when he was already done for the day. In American health care, there is process care and then there is personal care. Ken provides a high level of personal service as part of his practice that is exemplary among today’s health care service providers."

Bob Googe, Owner of Jittery Joe's

"As a long distance cyclist I have worked with a chiropractor to reduce lower back pain and optimize performance for many years. Dr. Ken Cook is by far the best adjuster of any I have ever used. My youngest daughter is a top 10 competitive gymnast and he regularly takes care of her to insure she is in top competitive form. As a former UGA Gymnast Dr. Cook is also able to coach her on better form and body mechanics enabling her to increase performance and reduce injuries while she competes. To put it mildly I highly recommend Dr. Ken Cook!"

Dan Joao

"Ken is an excellent Chiropractor who worked with me for many years and provided quality service. He places a great deal of attention on meeting the needs of his patients by effectively identifying the pain and spending the right amount of time explaining healing options and treating the symptoms. Ken is very personable as well, probably his strongest trait. I felt very comfortable being treated by him and enjoy calling him a friend."

Cesar Toledo

"Dr. Cook and his staff restored my face in chiropractors. I use to think this service was unnecessary. Let me say that if you are looking for any adjustment or physical therapy, then look no further. These people are Amazing! From the office manager Jeri, to both Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Kiefer as well as Maggie and Maya. I love this place and highly recommend. Back in Feb I could not walk. On a Tuesday I went to see Dr. Kifer. By Thursday I was moving around on my own. They are worth every penny."

Erin Jarrett

"Dr. Kiefer is fantastic! she is very attentive and good at what she does. She always pays close attention to comments and complaints. I would recommend Chiropractic Works to anyone."

Nia Keyes-Scott

"I truly cannot say enough positive things about this practice. All of the office staff and doctors are so kind! I pulled my back at CrossFit, and Dr. Wheeler was AMAZING with helping me with my recovery! I was experiencing significant improvement and increase in mobility in just a couple of weeks. He also helped me get back to CrossFit and provided fantastic recommendations of movements that would help me continue into fully recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Wheeler, especially for those with exercise related injuries!"

Heather Escoe

"Dr Joe Wheeler has been a God send! I sprained my hip and he worked with me to not only help fix it but taught me how to maintain that fix. He clearly cares about his patients. The doctors in this office want to see their patients heal and feel better! I will recommend Dr Wheeler over and over again!!"

Wendy Gaines

"I've been seeing Dr. Cook for almost two years and I can't recommend him enough. As a former gymnast, he has a deep understanding of sports related trauma and its lasting effects. I was in a lot of pain when I found him and he was a lifesaver. His office staff is fabulous as well. I can't say enough good things about them."

Lori Ragsdale

"My last visit to a chiropractor was pre-covid and I desperatly needed to get my body back in alignment and work on some specific issues. A friend recommended Chiropractic Works and I have now seen Dr. Kiefer several times. Her wealth of knowledge and experience allows her to pinpoint the areas that are causing this issues. She is caring and takes her time, listening to the patient and their needs. The doctors seem to have a good working relationship and even share their knowledge to the benefit of patients. The office staff is kind and welcoming, I would definitely recommend Chiropractic Works."

Julie Allen

"Hi. After following a host of chiropractors on IG (true story!) in regards to a lot of vital information they were sharing re: wellness in the time of Covid, I was inspired to integrate chiropractic care into my overall wellness routine. I initially came in for help with a very strained back muscle, which did inflame a bit afterwards before fully resolving, just as Dr. Wheeler advised. I have since been three times, always walking in with a particular area that needs work. The various methods and modalities used have all been effective... adjustments, graston method, y-strap, cupping. I truly believe that this type of work can benefit any BODY and would recommend Chiropractic Works, particularly, to anyone. Very professional and personable!!"

John Ragland Jr.

"I injured myself in the gym but couldn’t figure out exactly where the injury occurred. My neck was tight at first but then I had nerve and muscle pain going down my left arm that was keeping me up every night. Dr. Ken Cook began seeing me daily and patiently listened to my symptoms to help me determine the source of the pain. He focused on the neck area and then moved to the arms and upper back and over the course of two weeks I found relief! I had visited a physical therapist early-on who helped provide some initial relief but it was Dr. Cook and his open mindedness and persistence to keep exploring all areas from my neck through my shoulder, and down my arms that solved my problem. Because of Dr. Cook’s work I was able to cancel an appt with an ortho and avoid a MRI! I cannot recommend him enough!!! He truly works with his patients until a solution is found! And thanks to the office staff too. They made every visit enjoyable—even while I was in a lot of pain!"

Lacey Greene

"Everyone at Chiropractic Works are truly stellar individuals. Dr. Cook is the best, he has succeeded in getting me out of several sticky situations with my lower back. Whole team is really caring and welcoming!"

Mandy Moreira

"We are so thankful for Dr. Cook and his team. I'm a firm believer in regular adjustments to boost the immune system and heal any issues. My 4 and 6 year old are healthier and their mild digestive issues are resolved with regular adjustments. The body works much better when the spine is in line. Thank you so much Dr. Cook.!!"

Beth York

"From day one, I've been very impressed with Dr. Cook and his staff! Dr. Cook has taken great care in evaluating and treating my injuries (neck and back 15+ years). Many thanks to Dr. Cook, I no longer have headaches and the pain in my low back is gone!!! He is one Cool Chiropractor and very respectful of his patients. His staff - they are incredible - you feel important from the minute you walk in the door. Give them a try - you won't be sorry."

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