Facet Syndrome Chiropractic Treatment

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What is Facet Syndrome?

First, let’s answer the question, what is a facet? Let’s first understand that each level of your spine functions as a three-joint complex, two facet joints in the back and the disc joint towards the front. This complex acts somewhat like a tripod for stability and supports all of the weight above the joint and provides support for movement in all directions.

Facet joints are synovial joints much like other joints in the body. Basically, what that means is that the joint is encapsulated to keep fluid in the joint so that the cartilage-covered surfaces can continue to move smoothly against one another.

Without proper attention to a joint that has been injured, the mechanical health of that joint will decline. With regard to the facet joints, there can be either restriction of movement or to the other extreme, hypermobility. Pain stemming from the facet joint is what is referred to as Facet Syndrome.

A detailed history and examination are critically important in diagnosing facet syndrome. When facet syndrome is present, it can cause the following types of pain or symptoms:

  • Pin-point back pain
  • Pain upon extension
  • Pain from inactivity
  • Pain from prolonged sitting or standing
  • Frequent headaches (with cervical facet syndrome)
  • Buttock, hip or groin pain (with lumbar facet syndrome)

Of course, it is possible to experience some of these symptoms without actually having facet syndrome. However, you will want to have it checked out and properly diagnosed by a chiropractor in Athens. Regular x-rays done by a chiropractor can help confirm the diagnosis.

The Good News Is That We Can Help!

Most people with facet syndrome can successfully avoid dealing with medications or invasive procedures with proper structural care. I provide chiropractic treatment for these conditions every day in my practice and have helped thousands of people just like you eliminate their pain and return to normal lifestyles.

One of the things I feel is most important in our strategy building approach for solving your issue is education. The more you understand the details of your condition and all of the treatment options available, the better chance we have at successfully resolving your pain.


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