Sonja Brady discovered from an MRI that her sciatic pain was being caused by a bulging disc. The pain was not yet debilitating.

“On a scale of one to ten, I would say my pain level was probably at a four,” Brady recalled. “I decided that I could not wait to do something about it until I was in a surgery situation. Dr. Cook recommended non-surgical spinal decompression. Now my pain is at a zero.”

Brady said she went for 18 treatments in a row and now she visits Dr. Cook once a month.

“His entire staff is great. I can say he really cares about his patients and wants to help all of them as much as he possibly can.”

Ken Sherman, a 64-year- old retired high school principal, said non-surgical spinal decompression – combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet – has allowed him to continue to return to an active lifestyle.

“I was an active athlete for much of my life,” Sherman said. “I slacked off and gained a lot of weight, but I am now doing more than I have ever done.”

Sherman said he has a protruding disc, and while it causes him “a fair degree of foot numbness” he is still able to bike 7,000 miles a year.

“I am able to perform at a level that lots of folks even much younger than I cannot, and I do it without pain,” Sherman said. “Dr. Cook has provided amazing, life-altering support for me.”

In October of last year, Cindy Young was injured.

“I had no idea what was wrong with me,” she recalled. “I discovered that I had two pinched nerves. I was at a point where I couldn’t even hardly walk or dress myself or do anything. I couldn’t even sleep at night I was in so much pain.

“Dr. Cook put me on the (non-surgical spinal decompression) machine for 15 minutes, and I felt so much better I couldn’t even tell you. I went there to his office basically every day and would be on the machine for about 30 minutes each day. In three months, I was almost back to completely normal. All I know is that I couldn’t believe how well it worked.” Young said she was one of those patients Dr. Cook had a “frank conversation” with.

“Dr. Cook said that we could try the non-surgical spinal decompression, but he didn’t want to give me false hope,” Young remembered. “And like I said, he put me on the machine for a 15-minute trial, and I could tell the difference. I was able to stand up, and some of the pain was gone.

“I tell people all the time what a difference Dr. Cook made in my life.”

I Felt Better Physically and Emotionally Than I Have In Years

“Dr. Schrock was everything I need at this time. I couldn’t sit still or focus to study for boards. I had anxiety because the pain was causing me to lose my focus. After years of preparation for boards, I know I needed help. After 1 visit, I was able to sit pain free and focus for my board exam, and after 3 visits, I felt better physically and emotionally than I have in years."

- Shrija D.

Top Notch

"Ken is a top notch guy who puts his clients first. He genuinely cares for the health and well-being of his clients and never hesitates to take on a client in pain even at the expense of his own personal time. As a patient, I could always depend on Ken to take the time to see me even though his schedule was full or even when he was already done for the day. In American health care, there is process care and then there is personal care. Ken provides a high level of personal service as part of his practice that is exemplary among today’s health care service providers."

- Charlie Moore, General Counsel at Advanced Education Systems

Great Results

"Ken is passionate about providing excellent chiropractic care! His knowledge of the field and his techniques are excellent. Not only did I experience great results, Ken took the time to educate me on overall health. I highly recommend Ken!"

- Michelle deBrabant Lee, C.P.C., Owner, DDS Staffing Resources, Inc.

Very Personable

"Ken is an excellent Chiropractor who worked with me for many years and provided quality service. He places a great deal of attention on meeting the needs of his patients by effectively identifying the pain and spending the right amount of time explaining healing options and treating the symptoms. Ken is very personable as well, probably his strongest trait. I felt very comfortable being treated by him and enjoy calling him a friend."

- Dan Joao

Terrific Chiropractor

"Dr. Cook is a wonderful guy, a caring practitioner, and a terrific chiropractor that honestly cares about his patient's well-being. I give Dr. Cook my highest recommendation."

- Jimmy Hurt, Partner, Lewis, Stolz, Hurt, Frierson & Grayson, LLP

Best Adjuster

"As a long distance cyclist I have worked with a chiropractor to reduce lower back pain and optimize performance for many years. Dr. Ken Cook is by far the best adjuster of any I have ever used. My youngest daughter is a top 10 competitive gymnast and he regularly takes care of her to insure she is in top competitive form. As a former UGA Gymnast Dr. Cook is also able to coach her on better form and body mechanics enabling her to increase performance and reduce injuries while she competes. To put it mildly I highly recommend Dr. Ken Cook!"

- Bob Googe, Owner of Jittery Joe's

"I first met Dr. Laura Hanson in 2011 when I attended a lecture she was presenting on the neurological assessment of a child/infant. I was immediately drawn to her vast knowledge and the ease at which she was able to convey this information in a coherent manner. She is an excellent teacher. I have since studied one-on-one with Dr Hanson using the educational material she has created for Chiropractors and am astounded at the difference it has made for me in practice and especially for the children I work with. My understanding of neurology and development has deepened and my ability to apply this knowledge in my practice every day is life changing. Dr. Hanson works with children exclusively so she has the hands on experience to really put these principles to work. I am eternally grateful to have been able to learn from Dr. Hanson and for the doors of possibility that have opened - not just for me, but for all the children I now work with."

 - Dr. Lisa

"Dr. Laura brings another level and deep understanding to the philosophy we already hold so dear as chiropractors... the body can heal itself as long as the interference is removed. Dr. Laura has helped me integrate Neuro Developmental Delay care into my practice and, not only am I seeing more children than before, but I'm able to help on a much deeper and more meaningful level. My own understanding has increased exponentially and the healing of my patients and their families is the reward.

Dr. Laura has a way of explaining complex concepts in simple ways while keeping it action focused and directed at what you can do in the clinic right away."

 - Dr. Adam

"Hello my name is Dr. Eric Nepute and I had the distinct privilege an honor of having Dr. Laura Hanson come visit my office and put on a one day intensive seminar on pediatric neurology. I must tell you that I have been to hundreds of seminars over the years and this has been one of the most beneficial workshops that I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Dr Laura does a phenomenal job of taking complex neurological cases and showing you exactly how to get to the root cause of the problem. Her straightforward approach toward cracking the code of trouble cases is unparalleled. Myself and my team have been able to rapidly implement all the materials Dr Laura has taught us with very little trouble and magnificent results. We were so impressed with her work that we are already planning on having her come back again. Anyone who is interested in taking care of children must have Dr Laura Hanson come and teach you will not be disappointed."

 - Dr. Eric Nepute

"Thank you Dr. Hanson for your coaching. You are such a blessing to me and a healing to my family."

 - CR 2013

"Huge thumbs up for this practice !! If you have a child with ANY developmental or neurological special needs THIS is the ONE place to send your child. You get tremendous support here!! It does not disappoint!!"

 - KMZ 2013

"Dr. Hanson has truly been a blessing to our family and we are continually impressed by her willingness to go above and beyond to help our daughter reach her full potential."

 - KS 2013

"We have known Dr. Laura Hanson for about 4 years. Initially, she treated William as his chiropractor, yet she went further than just spinal adjustments. She found imbalances not only neurologically but nutritionally as well. Implementing Dr. Hanson’s suggested therapies; we saw a big change in his behavior. Currently, 4 years later, William is in the 3rd grade. He has had a very hard time focusing in class. William has been seeing Dr. Hanson since November 2013; we have seen many changes in him since then. We continue to see changes because of the many different therapies Dr. Hanson uses in her office. She continues to look deeper into areas of the brain that effect aspects of his everyday life. We are extremely pleased with the treatment William is receiving from Dr. Hanson."

 - E/K 2014

"Dear Dr. Hanson,

Thanks so much for your update and feedbacks. I am very excited about her improvement at school and home! Will keep praying!!

Our lives have change so much since we meet you. It is like a light at the end of the tunnel. Our daughter now is listening, asking, and learning. Her concentration is better and her self esteem is positive. Since she was born eating became a nightmare now she even said: "why is my food so bland" so she is curious to try new food!. There are so many things we see that she is changing for the good!

Thanks for all you do. God is wonderful to create someone like you with a warm heart willing to help the littlest of His kingdom. God Bless you!"

 - CO 2014

"Dr. Hanson has been part of our lives for several years now. She doesn't just focus on my son; therapy involves the whole family. Her approaches are creative, and even Ben's special ed teachers learn a thing or two. My son trusts that every therapy is to help him, so he will try his hardest to get it accomplished."

 - LM 2014

"Dr. Hanson has been an answer to prayer for our family. Our son has Down Syndrome but other therapists had mentioned the possibility of an autism diagnosis too because his development has not been typical for Down Syndrome. That is how we found Dr. Hanson. We were trying to find answers concerning the autism. After meeting our son she gave us so much hope. She said that our son does not have autism but is just delayed developmentally. She started us on a program in which we started seeing positive changes right away. In fact, we saw more changes in two weeks of seeing Dr. Hanson than we did in 2 years of traditional therapy. Our son started making eye contact and responding when we called his name. Another change we have seen that has been huge is him making strides to learn to eat solid foods. At almost 3 years old our son still eats pureed foods. Solid foods is a real challenge for him. Dr. Hanson started doing oral motor work and today he ate apple chunks without gagging or fussing, which is quite miraculous. I recommend Dr. Hanson to everyone. She is very knowledgeable and really care about us as a family. She goes above and beyond and has been such a blessing to our family."

 - JH 2014

"Dr. Hanson has been instrumental in transforming my son. We have gone from at least one meltdown a day, B and C student who was on meds to a highly functional A and B student on no meds and no meltdowns! Dr. Hanson has helped us in so many aspects of his development it is hard to summarize and pinpoint any particular therapy that made the difference aside from her emphatic, wholehearted passion for what she does! She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of health and generous in her sharing that wealth of knowledge with those of us struggling with developmental issues. I highly recommend her practice before seeking meds or special schools for developmental issues."

 - VK 2013


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