Meet The Team

Chiropractor Ken Cook D.C.

Chiropractor Athens GA Ken CookAs a scholarship gymnast, Ken graduated from UGA in 1987 with a degree in exercise physiology. A 1992 graduate of Life Chiropractic College, Ken has practiced in Georgia for 23 years. Returning to Athens in early 2009, he took over the very successful Chiropractic Works, established in 1985. With his background as an athlete and having worked with novice and top level olympic and professional athletes, Ken offers a unique blend of chiropractic care, nutrition & weight loss, sleep wellness, exercise physiology, and rehabilitative techniques

in the prevention and treatment of sports related and spinal injuries. Dr. Cook is also Athens’ only expert in spinal decompression for the non-surgical treatment of lower back disc conditions and  is Athens’ only certified BrainCore clinic using neurofeedback therapy to address conditions such as ADD/ADHD, tension and migraine headaches, memory loss, learning disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Chiropractor Ryan Schrock D.C.

Chiropractor Athens GA Ryan SchrockDr. Ryan Schrock is a trailblazer for health and well-being who is passionate about helping people of all ages actively achieve their health goals. He focuses on creating the right conditions and environment to give the body the best opportunity to be healthy for a lifetime. He has a passion for working with families, children and athletes to promote performance while balancing mobility, strength and increased resilience to stress. In his experience, families who engage in self-care together go on to embody wellness together.

Dr. Schrock believes that the health of Athens lies in the health of its people. He uses an individualized approach in his practice to deliver care with comfort and specificity.

ICPADr. Schrock is a graduate of Life University and is the 2014 recipient of the Lasting Purpose award. This reward is given to a graduate exemplifying the principles on which the school was founded upon: “to give, to do, to love, and to serve out of a sense of abundance with no expectation of return.”


Jeri - Office Manager

Jeri has been with Chiropractic Works for over 14 years now; as our office manager she is in charge of our front desk, office staff (poor thing), insurance and financial department as well as assisting with patient care. She is exceptional at helping our patients with any financial questions or concerns, explaining their benefits & assisting with any documentation or scheduling needs. After a full day at work Jeri also manages to be a devoted wife to George and mother to 3 adult children: Michael, Teri, Jesse and her furry kid Blossom. She is active in her church and in her spare time provides an interim home for exchange students waiting for placement.


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